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Livestock Products
Livestock Products
Roubedakis | Production & Marketing of Animal Feed, Agricultural Tools, Machinery Chania Crete
In our business "Rοubedakis" in Chania, you can find feeds, feed mixtures, medicines and food supplements for chickens, sheep, goats, birds, pigs, calves and any animal, thus contributing to its proper development.
With our modern machines, experienced staff and scientific support, using excellent raw materials every day, we produce high quality mixes of animal feed that can meet all livestock needs.


We offer for sale 9 types of excellent quality mixes:

 Mixture of cereal nuts for domestic hens
 Mixed cereal grains for domestic egg hens
 Mixture of rabbits of the field breeding
 Maintenance mix of sheep and goats for a dry SAP season
 Sheep and goat milk production mix KE-11
 Sheep and goat fat blend from 2nd month KP-3
 Dairy mix of sheep and goats KP-1
 Dairy maintenance mix KD-280
 Mixture of fattening pigs of the spawning

We have the ability to produce any type of blend desired by the customer.

The producer benefits from the qualitative superiority of our products, both in substantial growth and stability in dairy production, as well as in fattening, rapid growth and animal health.

We work with the largest factories in Crete.
Having a long-term course in the field, we have the ability to offer our customers products and complete nutritional programs tailored to their specific requirements.
Our goal over the years is to stand next to the breeder, always ensuring that we offer high quality products at competitive prices.